Episode 236: Native Perspectives on the Maquis

Listener Etawi and Writer/Cartoonist Alina Pete join Grace to discuss the Maquis from a Native perspective, what better representation could look like in Trek, and what exactly they think of Chakotay.

Host: Grace

Alina Pete

Editor: Sue

  1 comment for “Episode 236: Native Perspectives on the Maquis

  1. This is an interesting discussion. I think there’s some difficulty (and yes, much of it stems from bad writing) inherent in projecting the Dorvan V situation onto the Maquis more broadly. While the writers obviously borrow from Westerns, just as often the Maquis seem to be figured as the “cowboys” and not the “Indians” — a rugged, individualistic group carving out an place of their own on the frontier of an empire and resistant to “Eastern” influences, but also fundamentally colonizers themselves.

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