Episode 229: Anglo-American Empire in Star Trek

We’re joined by Dr. Fiona Davidson to talk about how the United Federation of Planets embodies the supposedly universal morality of Anglo-American empire, how this has manifested across the franchise, and where there’s been challenges to that worldview.

Hosts:  Jarrah and Andi

Guest:  Dr. Fiona Davidson

Editor:  Andi

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  1 comment for “Episode 229: Anglo-American Empire in Star Trek

  1. The book Trekonomics talks about how we’re already post-scarcity now, that the main hurdle to Trek’s economy is that we need to overthrow the hoarders and redistribute our resources. It’s not that we don’t have replicators.

    I think that SNW is at least planning of having Pike realize that the Gorn aren’t monsters, which they set up by having him say that they are, then having that chat in the diner.

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