Episode 201: Labor Standards in Star Trek

Join the crew as they discuss Star Trek’s labor standards. What would Space OSHA look like? What kinds of jobs are available in Starfleet HR? How many of those space miners would have survived had they unionized?

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Hosts:  Grace, Jarrah, and andi

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Peter

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  1 comment for “Episode 201: Labor Standards in Star Trek

  1. Hey Gals, second time listener (Last one i listened to was disabilities eps because of P1 said to check it out before their last ep) and oh my god this is great.

    The Enterprise trip one makes me sick however. I think its trek at its worse.

    Trip doesn’t know he is “mating” and rather talking about consent the episode makes fun of him. Dr. Phlox attitude is you must have know if you had sex and then tells him to look ward to the surprises his boby may go through! Hes a doctor mind you. T’Pol makes out his is a slut and when he says he was a “gentlemen” she questions his integrity. And when questioned he talks about how its a “game they play” to read each others minds. He had no idea. It triggers me as grooming behaviour and I am deeply troubled about how all the “Profession” officers in the room react in not believing their co-worker who has seemed to be r***.

    It’s really handled poorly and I was very upset watching that episode as a survivor of abuse. It reminds me of teenagers who have been tricked into have sex. But everytime some one in trek circles as me my feelings on it I dont tell them because to most people its “funny”. Just look at all the youtube commants for the scene but if you swapped a female for trip or made them a 12 year old teenage the scene has a whole different tone and not funny at all.

    On a lighter note, I think some of the other answers are in the Farm in lower decks. The one with the Dog?

    But the question I have is what happens if someone just flat out lies about something happening. I worked in a place where someone didn’t like their co work and tried to destroy their life. It was exposed but you know… what happens in the future? We seen Aliens do this in the show, but what about everday people? Sure Money is gone but not everyone is driven by money and not everyone is nice.

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