Episode 193: Latinidad in Trek

Aliza Pearl hosts an overview and discussion on how the Latin diaspora appears throughout the Star Trek franchise, with special guests Dr. Luz Rosines and Anna Post. Taking stock of Latin actors and characters including Ricardo Montalban, B’Elanna Torres, Dr. Hugh Culber, Captain Rios, and Lt. Erica Ortegas, we explore how Latinidad appears and is represented in the various series and films, and in the Star Trek future.

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Host:  Aliza

Luz Rosines – @luzxraymd
Anna Post – @tragicomicway

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Peter

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  1 comment for “Episode 193: Latinidad in Trek

  1. Thank you for another great episode!

    I wonder if Michelle Forbes (Ro Laren) might also be a candidate for your list?

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