Episode 191: Picard Season 2 Review

Star Trek: Picard Act II is complete! From time travel to fascism to mental health, this season packed a lot into just ten episodes, and Aliza, Jarrah, Sarah, and guest Godiva Lee are here to discuss it all!

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Hosts: Sarah, Aliza, Jarrah

Guest: Godiva Lee

Editor: Andi

Transcription: Rebecca (@carolinalady)

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  2 comments for “Episode 191: Picard Season 2 Review

  1. Thanks for the take on Season 2 of Picard. I really would love to see a future Trek about Seven and the Rangers. It would be great if they got some Star Fleet backing. Then their mission would be to go around an help people. You could even use all the young cast because Rios’ EMHs could work on the ship. Have you heard the audiobook Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd made? It is “Star Trek No Mans Land”. I really enjoyed it and it gives an idea where a Seven and the Rangers Star Trek could go. I would be interested in your opinion on the book.

  2. Thanks for your observations I find it helpful to read and listen to what you guys say because it makes me re adjust on my next viewing.

    Picard unlike TOS/SNG/E is a show I love but within their are characters I really do not enjoy. Probably out of those three Geordi, who is brilliantly played by LeVar, is the closest to a character foot print that makes me face palm.

    In the first season, which I loved overall, I found I struggled with the footprints of several characters.

    In this second season Alison, Orla and Santiago knocked it out of the park raising their game and the regulars were just great but stranded in tons of issues for me where Evan and Michelle. Evan had a tall order everyone else has got some life traction he has not but then Renee was terrific as well. I was just glad he was out for most of it. Michelle, is it character, script or acting? Is she the consequence of this great problem for the West everyone is a victim. `Poor home addiction etc etc. Someone needs to tell Raffi you have done it your past it your great stop wallowing and stop trying to hard.

    You discussed her “look I am grieving take notice of all my noise please.” and were sympathetic. I took the opposite view and I wanted Jeri to turn round and say stop over acting or 7 to say shut up and every time she calls Jean Luc JL I want to scream.

    Its not necessarily the acting, though some is and she does take Spencer Tracey’s advice at the bar with Rios and actually listen but on the whole she seems to make the process of acting hard which you should not notice. I am curious and nervous about how she got on with Gates, Marina and all filming 3.

    I thought the internal back story of Jean Luc was incredibly brave and Talliinn’s remarks to Jean Luc so on point. The way it was played is, whatever the father or son did this woman was going to commit suicide. It is not their fault it’s her choice. It could have been as a consequence of… but the facts do not speak to that in this story and good for the writers.

    I too loved the grooming of Agnes but clearly assimilation can be a two way thing and to remind us in a broken world that co operative effort is a positive option was nicely done.

    The scene at the launch party between Picard and Tallinn was interesting. She was clearly attracted to him and he purred this was almost shakespearean in terms of the hidden character (Laris) showing Picard again she loves him.

    We all engage from our own point of view and I feel thrilled and privileged that once again I can “Engage” with Jean Luc.

    Look forward to 3 and your comments.

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