Episode 190: Trek Women’s Continuing Stories (Mission Chicago)

Episode art for 190, showing the panelists at Mission ChicagoAt Mission Chicago crewmember Jarrah joins a panel called “The Future is Female” with DS9’s Chase Masterson, Dr. Lucila Rocines and Ke Roth, moderated by Amy Imhoff, to talk about how the stories of Trek women continue after their time on screen.

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Panelists: Moderated by Amy Imhoff (Media Director, Kate Mulgrew; Producer, upcoming Women of Star Trek documentary), Chase Masterson (Actress, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Dr. Lucila Rosines (Fan Expert/Podcast Guest), Jarrah Hodge (Women at Warp Podcast), Ke Roth (Fleet Admiral, Star Trek Online)

Editor: Jarrah

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