Episode 170: Building an Inclusive Podcast Community (IDIC Podcast Fest)

Live to Tape from the IDIC Podcast Festival: Six years ago a few Star Trek fans got together and created Women at Warp. We were novice podcasters who had to learn a lot as we went along about how to produce a show that reflected our intersectional feminist values and build an inclusive community around it. Here, our hosts will share what we’ve learned through our successes and our failures, as well as practical tips for anyone interested in starting your own IDIC-friendly podcast.

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Hosts:  Aliza, Andi, Grace, Jarrah, Kennedy, Sarah, and Sue

Editor:  Sue


  1 comment for “Episode 170: Building an Inclusive Podcast Community (IDIC Podcast Fest)

  1. I must say that the podcast has improved with variety of opinions once the new hosts were brought in. I especially like the debates between Aliza and Kennedy. I don’t think listeners had that perception when it was just the OG crew because men argued more “loudly.” Maybe I’m lucky or naive but I found that the vast majority of podcasts with differing opinions had polite debates no matter what the gender of the hosts.

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