Episode 154: Book Club – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The crew discusses Gene Roddenberry’s novelization of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” from an infamous footnote to some of the more interesting ideas put forth in this format, and the degree to which it holds up as a Star Trek story and historical document.

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Hosts:  Jarrah, Sarah, and Sue

Editor:  Andi

  2 comments for “Episode 154: Book Club – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  1. Oh my God!!!! It’s easily been DECADES since I last read the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and your commentary made all the Ewwwww parts of that book come flashing back to me. LOL! I recently read a book about all the behind the scenes stuff going on during the Berman Years of Trek. The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years by Altman & Gross. More than a few folks in the book comment on Roddenberry’s downright hostile sexism and misogyny … not to mention Berman’s. *BARF* A friend of mine tried to watch The Original Series on Netflix because they had never really watched the original series before and they said the sexism was so disturbing they had to stop watching after a couple of episodes. Always hard to wrap your head around how the creator of Star Trek had such an idealistic vision of the future yet it was paired with such Neanderthal notions of women.

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