Episode 150: Lower Decks Season 1

A new ship, new characters, and more Trek references than you can shake a bat’leth at! Kennedy, Andi, Grace, and Sarah review the first season of Lower Decks and discuss what they hope to see in Season 2. Badgey, put down that kni-

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Hosts: Kennedy, Andi, Grace, Sarah

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Grace

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  1 comment for “Episode 150: Lower Decks Season 1

  1. I think I like this series the best of the three new shows that we’ve gotten so far because of how much the episodes really hit the beats of a lot of Star Trek from the past while putting its unique comedic spin on things. I feel like they’re taking a page from Futurama’s playbook in writing dynamic characters who are going to grow over time.

    I’m curious to see if they bring in Mariner’s father because I’m really curious to see how that family dynamic works. I want to root for Boimler on the Titan although somehow they’re going to have to bring him back to the Cerritos so I hope he doesn’t have to take too hard of a fall. While I think T’Ana may be my favorite upper decker I don’t know if I want to see more of her, mainly because I feel like she’s really good at delivering punchlines with her gruffness and if you overdo it she may lose that edge.

    The one concern that I have is that it sounds like the Pakleds will be the big bads going forward. You pointed out the ablism of “the farm” and I’m afraid that’s going to continue onwards. The Pakleds are basically stereotypes of people with intellectual disabilities: low IQs, slurred speech, unsophisticated vocabulary (Georgi will make us go! Photon torpedo makes us strong!), lumbering gait, constantly smiling, etc. Although I don’t think they’ll use the r-word, there’s been a lot of that kind of humor in the past in Hollywood and it has a harmful effect on how neurotypical people perceive those on the ID spectrum.

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