Episode 134: Elementary, Dear Bebe Neuwirth

art of TNG gender bent

We gender-bend TNG, asking how would it have been different if the same creators had cast women in the men’s roles and vice versa. And we suggest which actors of the era would have been best in each role.

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Hosts: Jarrah, Grace, Andi, Sue

Editor: Andi

Transcription: Grace

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Big thanks to the-dreaming-grass for letting us use their amazing fan art for our cover photo!

  8 comments for “Episode 134: Elementary, Dear Bebe Neuwirth

  1. Adding to my thought, since we’re talking mid 80s, how about Rita Moreno as Captain?
    I know she isn’t French but having a Captain from NYC with some Latin blood might be cool.

  2. I’m thinking they have the wrong ER doctor for the male version of Crusher – it should be Anthony Edwards. Also, I think the female Q isn’t Bea Arthur – it should be (1980s) Christine Baranski. She could have real fun with that.

  3. Really like the idea of Judi Dench as Picard, partly because she shares a Shakespearean background with Patrick.

    Love the thought of Elizabeth Dennehy or Michelle Forbes as Riker!

    Mulling on Sue’s thoughts about Data, I wondered about Tilda Swinton – though possibly a bit obvious? Not just because she’s good at suggesting gender fluidity (eg: Orlando), but because she can look slightly “alien”, with strikingly unusual eyes.

    For Worf, I wondered Alfre Woodard, though I don’t think she’s very tall for a possible Klingon. (Thinking back to First Contact.)

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