Episode 127: What I Like About Hugh (“I, Borg”)

In the lead-up to Star Trek: Picard, our crew takes a look back at the TNG episode “I, Borg” and the introduction of Hugh. We discuss how the Enterprise-D crew can influence each other, overcoming preconceived conclusions, and Hugh’s return in “Descent.”

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Hosts:  Jarrah, Andi, and Sue

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Grace

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  3 comments for “Episode 127: What I Like About Hugh (“I, Borg”)

  1. Good episode! I wish people discussed more often the ambiguity of the Borg as an enemy. I always wanted a TNG episode where a ship of federation citizens would plan to willingly join the Borg and the Enterprise had to stop ’em.

  2. Great episode, thanks! Like you said, I Borg has some wonderful character scenes: Geordi/Guinan, Guinan/Hugh ( “you don’t look so tough” is so shocking coming from her!), Guinan/Picard and Picard/Hugh. I love that you really explored the ethical and philosophical issues, more deeply than I ever have, and have me a deeper appreciation of the episode.

    Btw, I’m watching Discovery Season Two for the first time, and have been thinking about the relationships between humanity and cybernetics in relation to Airiam in “Project Daedalus”. It’s such a classic Star Trek theme because it’s yet another way of exploring humanity. Was Airiam still as human as she was that day in the beach? Impossible to know, but she clearly was human, all the same. It’s such an inexhaustible subject that Star Trek constantly returns to in new ways.classic

    Thanks again. So excited for the Picard series!

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