Episode 121: Catsuits, Miniskirts and More (STLV 2019)

Hosts of Catsuits, Miniskirts and More! PanelIn our last episode from STLV, we bring you the WAW Panel:  From TOS’s miniskirts to Klingon women’s revealing armor, to Seven of Nine’s catsuit, Star Trek is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to costuming women. Join the hosts of Women at Warp (plus special guest Sarah Gulde) for a fun and interactive session where we’ll rate some of the most memorable costumes for women in Star Trek.

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Hosts: Sue, Grace, Jarrah

Guest: Sarah Gulde

Editor: Jarrah

Notes and References:

  • Our full scores can be viewed here (PDF)
  • See our slides here (PDF)

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