Episode 101: “The Inner Light”

The crew takes a deep dive into one of TNG’s most loved episodes, “The Inner Light.” We discuss several themes and issues raised by narrative, including trauma, consent, gaslighting, self-discovery, family, and “the theater of the mind.”

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Hosts:  Andi, Grace, Jarrah, and Sue

Editor:  Andi

Transcript: Grace

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  1 comment for “Episode 101: “The Inner Light”

  1. I can certainly see how climate change is what viewers see now. I tend to think it’s original focus was on the fleeting nature of life in general. The elders aren’t refusing to do anything about climate change; they already know the sun is going nova and they cannot stop it or get anyone out into space. They DO react: they build the probe. It finds Picard.

    Anyway, a damn fine episode.

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