Episode 52: Book Club – The “Legacies” Series

The crew discusses the three-part “Legacies” series, which was released in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary and follows Number One as she finally completes a mission that began 15 years prior.

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Hosts: Andi, Sue, Jarrah

Editor: Andi

Transcription: Rebecca – @carolinalady

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  1 comment for “Episode 52: Book Club – The “Legacies” Series

  1. It took me so long to read these three books, I want to say life gets in the way, but that would be false, there are books I have read in days, I had a hard time reading them, they seemed slow to me. I liked this episode and your reviews. I wanted to point out that Una in Spanish is the feminine form of ONE (uno)so I thought her name was pretty cool, I don’t know if the writers named her Una with that in mind, but I want to believe they were clever and she is Number One and Una at the same time.

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