Episode 22: Guinan: Intergalactic Woman of Mystery (and Hats)

Guinan in purple outfit

We’re joined by two guests: creator of Guinan the Series Aliza Pearl and Lindsay to talk about one of our favorite TNG characters: the enigmatic and powerful Guinan.

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Notes and References:

Hosts: Andi and Jarrah

Guests: Aliza Pearl and Lindsay

Editor: Jarrah

  1 comment for “Episode 22: Guinan: Intergalactic Woman of Mystery (and Hats)

  1. JAB2
    December 21, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Hey! Small comment about the Guinan / Doctor Who stuff. In the Doctor Who / Next Gen crossover comics, Guinan and The Doctor seem to have some familiarity/connection to one another!

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