Sue’s Dragon Con Schedule 2022

It’s that time of year again, and in just over a week, I’ll be headed down to Atlanta for Dragon Con.  My home base will be in the American Sci-Fi Classics Room (Marriott M103-105), for which I’m part of the track staff.  But you’ll also be able to find me on several other programming tracks, talking about everything from Doctor Who to Queer 70s Sci-Fi… and of course, Star Trek.  I’ll also be taking a shift in the “Thank You Room” of the Robert A. Heinlein “Pay It Forward” Blood Drive, Sunday 4-6pm, on the Conference Level of the Hyatt.  Come find me to say hello and get a badge ribbon or three (while supplies last).  As always, schedules are subject to change up to the last minute, but this is where I expect to be…

Dragon Con Newbies Walking Tours
Thursday, Sep 1 12:00 PM
Main Programming (Marriott A601-602)
Want to get the lay of the land & find your way around the hotels? Did you know there’s a food court? Meet others new to Dragon Con & get a tour with some veteran con-goers. Groups leave every 30 minutes. Last tours will leave approximately 4pm.

Dragon Con Newbies Q&A
Thursday, Sep 1 5:30 PM
Main Programming (Marriott A601-602)
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy Con attendees will share tips & tricks.

Dragon Con Newbies Q&A
Friday, Sep 2 10:00 AM
Main Programming (Hyatt Regency V)
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy Con attendees will share tips & tricks.

Doctor Who New Series
Friday, Sep 2 5:30 PM
BritTrack (Hilton Crystal Ballroom)
Doctor Who returned to our screens this year with the “Flux” saga and two other specials showcasing the Daleks and the Sea Devils (last seen in 1984’s “Warriors from the Deep”) We will discuss the themes, story lines, and ramifications of these stories, and how they might affect the upcoming 60th Anniversary special.

United Federation of Podcasts – Podcast Roundtable
Friday, Sep 2 8:30 PM
Trek Track (Hilton Galleria 2-3)
Join our panel of Trek podcasters for a lively discussion about what it takes to put one together! And now a word from our sponsor, Spacesquare.  (Moderator)

Host, Co-Host, or Group Host That is the Question
Saturday, Sep 3 11:30 AM
Digital Media Track (Hilton Galleria 6)
Do you need a co-host? Do you want one? What about group hosting? How do you find a compatible co-host and what do you do if the honeymoon is over? Whether it’s a new podcast or you are changing it up with your current one, we’ll talk about how you can find the right co-host, how to divorce a co-host, and how to create connections for guests to fill in the gaps without needing an HR department.

Shakespeare Comedy Film Adaptations
Saturday, Sep 3 1:00 PM
BritTrack (Hilton Galleria 5)
From page to screen, the Bard still leaves his lasting mark. A team of upstart crows tackle the Sisyphean challenge of cataloguing the comedic descendants of the Master of Devon’s artistic peccadilloes. Forsooth!

Russian Doll: Re-writing History
Saturday, Sep 3 4:00 PM
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M301)
Shifting the groundhog day trope from the first season, Nadia and Alan are confronted with past situations that made their current lives, what they are. However, all thanks to the #6 train barrels into the past, allowing them to inhabit and experience life as Nadia’s mother and grandmother, and Alan’s grandmother. Finding greater understanding of themselves, through what has gone before, a thread that trails through time to color their current lives.  (Moderator)

The Not-So-Subtle Gay Sci-Fi of the 1970s
Saturday, Sep 3 8:30 PM
American Sci-Fi Classics Track (Marriott M103-105)
It was the 70s, man. Movies were crazy.  (Moderator)

Wheel of Trek – Rotating Discussions
Sunday, Sep 4 2:30 PM
Trek Track (Hilton Galleria 2-3)
If you’ve ever wanted to program your own Trek Track panel, here’s your chance! Audience suggestions will be placed on the Wheel of Trek, and panelists will take a spin and have to discuss whatever subject the Wheel lands on. Join us, and decide their fate!  (Moderator)

The Star Trek Salamander Awards! Trek’s Best of the Worst!
Sunday, Sep 4 7:00 PM
Trek Track (Hilton Galleria 2-3)
Practice the art of democracy and vote on the best worst episodes of Star Trek! Removing brains, turning into salamanders, evil goatees, space hippies, sexy space ghosts – Trek has had some doozies. So which deserves to take home the top Salamander Award? Only you can decide! Hosted by Trekspertise.

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