Sue’s Dragon Con Schedule 2017

The crew has been asked multiple times if we’ll be at Dragon Con this year.  Unfortunately, the whole crew can’t make it, but I will be there, and I’ll be pretty busy with 17 panels.  So, if you’ll be in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend in the US, stop by and say hello!  Here’s where to find me:


Dragon Con Newbie Walking Tours
Thursday at 2:30pm
Main Programming (Begins in Marriott A601-602)
Want to learn your way around the hotels? Did you know there’s a food court? Come on a tour & meet other newbies. Tours are leaving every 30 minutes.

Dragon Con Newbies: Q&A
Thursday at 5:30pm
Main Programming (Marriott A601-602)
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy con attendees will share tips & tricks.

Dragon Con Newbies 101
Friday at 10:00am
Main Programming (Hyatt Regency V)
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy con attendees will share tips & tricks.

History Will Be Televised: Accuracy May Suffer
Friday at 2:30pm
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media (Marriott M301-M301)
History as covered by the media will be will cover many of the shows that say they are showing things like they were…or the way we’d like to think they were. Discussion will cover Reign, the White Princess, Will, & others of this ilk.

ESW Presents…50 Years of the Cybermen!
Friday at 5:30pm
BritTrack (Hilton Galleria 5)
Our friends at Earth Station Who are back to discuss the return of the Cybermen & half a century of their menacing adventures!

Grimm: The Little Show That Did!
Friday at 7:00pm
X-Track (Sheraton Valdosta)
There’s already a hole in our DVR. We miss Grimm, a show that no one expected to make it but all of us loved. Let’s talk the finale, the babies we never saw, & the rest.

BritTrack After Dark: Gay/Trans Themes in Doctor Who
Friday at 10:00pm
BritTrack (Hilton Galleria 5)
Russell T. Davies & Steven Moffat differ in their approach to LGBTQIA lifestyles. We discuss the infusion of LGBTQIA themes into Doctor Who, including the first openly gay companion. Wait, does Jack count? Let’s talk… (Mature Audiences Only)

Women at Warp
Saturday at 11:30am
Trek Track (Hilton Galleria 2-3)
Women at Warp is a twice-monthly podcast where four women talk about Star Trek, its representations of women, contributions of women behind the scenes, & other fun Trek topics.

Truly Outrageous: Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi (Moderator)
Saturday at 4:00pm
American Sci-Fi Classics (Marriott M103-105)
Celebrating the incredible women behind the scenes of classic Sci-Fi, from D.C. Fontana to Majel Barrett, & beyond.

BritTrack After Dark: Women in Doctor Who
Saturday at 10:00pm
BritTrack (Hilton Galleria 5)
From companions and villains to directors, writers, & producers (and soon the Doctor herself), women have had a lasting impact on the show over the past 54 years. Their changing roles & indelible footprints will be discussed. (Mature Audiences Only)

Globalization of the Genre
Sunday at 10:00am
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media (Marriott M301-M303)
Going mainstream everywhere means we get genre material that covers the world. How has this affected what we see & how we see it? For example, Sense 8, Humans, Cleverman, the Amazing Johnsons–even going back to Highlander and Lexx.

American Classic Musicals & All That Jazz
Sunday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi Classics (Marriott M 103-105)
Musicals & geekiness go jazz-hand in jazz-hand. American? Yep. Classic? Yep. Sci-Fi? Well, how do you explain all that choreography?

A Handmaid’s Tale Fan Panel
Sunday at 2:30pm
Apocalypse Rising (Westin Chastain F-H)
Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum. A story that is as relevant now as the day it was written. We discuss the eerily timely themes of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel & review Offred’s journey thus far in Hulu’s critically acclaimed adaptation.

X-Files: Season 10
Sunday at 7:00pm
X-Track (Sheraton Valdosta)
What do we want answered? What do we want to see? We have months to wait, so let’s speculate together.

BritTrack After Dark: Goodbye Orphan Black
Sunday at 10:00pm
BritTrack (Hilton Galleria 5)
Clone Club Unite! The final chapter of Project Leda is upon us. We ponder the eternal question: how many characters can Tatiana Maslany play in one scene? Let’s discuss this wonderful series’ sendoff & the end of our beloved show. (Mature Audiences Only)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 20 Years of Saving the World (a Lot)
Monday at 10:00am
American Sci-Fi Classics (Marriott M103-105)
From Welcome to the Hellmouth to Chosen, from Beer Bad to The Body, celebrate the classic show about the heroes that monsters have nightmares about.

Classic Sci-Fi Roll-a-Panel: 1977 & 1997
Monday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi Classics (Marriott M103-105)
Roll-a-Panel is an audience-participation revolution in convention panel technology–20 panels on the Sci-Fi TV & movies of 1997 in one hour! Gattaca! Batman & Robin! Face/Off?

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