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Episode 31: Dudebuggy Adventures

Beverly and Deanna in Insurrection looking skeptical

Our crew takes the Captain’s Yacht our for a spin through the four Next Generation movies: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. Along the way we meet some familiar Klingon sisters, 700 hippies, a Borg Queen, and even more terrifying: beardless Riker.…

Episode 30: Book Club – Mosaic by Jeri Taylor

Mosaic book cover

In this book club episode we tag along as young Kathryn Janeway explores the water caves of Mars, saves old ladies from haunted Irish castles, calls out a high school boyfriend for gaslighting, and interacts with Data, Riker and Admiral Paris. Special…

Episode 29: What does GOD need with a starship?

Sisko looking into an orb

Four fans from different backgrounds discuss their personal relationship to Star Trek’s depictions of religion, including Christian themes in TOS, Picard’s skepticism, Kira’s spirituality, and Vulcan ritual. Download Now (right-click and save) Notes and References: Ex Astris Scientia article on…

Episode 28: Her name means Freedom


Uhura was a groundbreaking character for 1960s TV and remains a role model and cultural icon to this day. Angélique Roché of Black Girl Nerds joins us to discuss our favorite Uhura moments from TOS. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Andi, Jarrah and…

Episode S5: Where is our tiny, plastic Kai Winn?

With fan campaigns like #WheresRey highlighting issues with missing women in geek merch, how does Star Trek stack up? Action figure scholar Jonathan Alexandratos joins us to talk about gender representation in Trek action figures through the decades. Download now…

Episode 27: Hail to the First Lady of Star Trek

Majel as Number One, Lwaxana and Chapel

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the only performer to appear on all the Star Trek series, significantly influenced the franchise, both on screen and behind the scenes, for more than four decades. Download now (right-click and save) Notes and References: These Are The…

Episode 26: O Captain, My Captain (Picard)

Picard in his robe on Risa

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our crew talks about Captain Picard’s love interests, from his “ghost from the past” Jenice Manheim to the roguish Vash, and of course, Doctor Beverly Crusher. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Sue, Grace, Jarrah and Andi Editor: Jarrah