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Picard Recap: “Dominion” (S3, E7)

Vadic and three henchmen board the Titan

Previously on Star Trek Picard: Changelings have infiltrated Starfleet, and our team on the Titan suspects that they’re going to attack the Federation on Frontier Day. In an attempt to figure out their plan, Worf, Riker, and Raffi broke in…

Nog’s Legacy

Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Deep Space Nine premiered thirty years ago. Although it divided fans as it was very different from prior Trek, the evolution of the Ferengi from semi-feral aliens to a species that was meant to satirically reflect the audience is widely…

Picard Recap: “The Bounty” (S3, E6)

Geordi and Alandra La Forge looking at a console

Previously on Star Trek: Picard: A floating head ordered Vadic to “deliver the asset,” aka Jack Crusher, at all costs. Jack’s been having visions of the Upside Down, and single-handedly took down 4 crewman who fortunately turned out to be…

Strange New Worlds Season 1 Blu-ray Giveaway!

Promo image

Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is now on Blu-ray™, DVD, and Limited Edition Blu-ray™ Steelbook! Experience every episode like never before, with over 100 minutes of special features, including exclusive cast and crew interviews, a gag reel,…

Picard Recap: “Imposters” (S3, E5)

Worf and Raffi strategize on La Sirena

Previously on Star Trek: Picard: Our heroes on the Titan came face to face with Vadic, who’s been hunting Jack Crusher. Raffi and Worf have been investigating the theft of portal weapons from Daystrom Station, and their suspect turned out…

Irish Stereotyping in Early Star Trek

Kevin Riley singing into his console while under the influence of the polywater disease

Star Trek is well-known for creating positive representation of diverse characters, yet early Trek seems to have an odd prejudice against the Irish, with beloved Irish engineer Miles O’Brien not seeing most of his character development until Deep Space Nine.…