Author: Erin Macdonald, PhD

Erin Macdonald has a PhD in astrophysics and currently works as a technical consultant both in engineering and for the entertainment industry and hosts an online series on the science of sci-fi called "Dr Erin Explains the Universe." She loves teaching the public about space science, and can be found throughout the year speaking at sci-fi conventions across the United States. Erin is a tattooed sci-fi geek, self-appointed member of Slytherin House and graduate of Starfleet Academy. Follow her on Twitter @drerinmac.

Finding Female STEM Mentors in Star Trek

Star Trek has been impacting the lives of fans for over 50 years now as a symbol of exploration, society, technology and more. When we discuss the lack of diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, “representation” and…