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Picard Recap: “Surrender” (S3, E8)

Seven exchanges a look with Shaw while they are held hostage on the bridge

Previously on Star Trek Picard: Riker was captured by Vadic at Daystrom Station, and discovered that she’s also holding Deanna. The personalities of Data and Lore were battling for control of the Soong golem, and dropping the partition between them…

Picard Recap: “Dominion” (S3, E7)

Vadic and three henchmen board the Titan

Previously on Star Trek Picard: Changelings have infiltrated Starfleet, and our team on the Titan suspects that they’re going to attack the Federation on Frontier Day. In an attempt to figure out their plan, Worf, Riker, and Raffi broke in…

Picard Recap: “Disengage” (S3, E2)

Shaw comes to talk to Seven, who is in a holding cell on the Titan

Previously on Star Trek: Picard: Beverly Crusher’s ship was attached by unknown assailants. Out of options, she sent an encoded message to Picard asking for help. Picard enlisted Riker, and together, they made their way to her coordinates with the…