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Picard Recap s2e10: “Farewell”

Picard beside the wall of the chateau where the key to his mother's room was hidden

As the gang tries to figure out the “Two Renees” prophecy, Picard (Patrick Stewart) clearly has an epiphany but Tallinn (Orla Brady) tells him “later” and beams them to her place. Tallinn gives them tricorder-ish devices to try to track…

Picard Recap s2e6: “Two of One”

Jurati at the Gala

The episode opens with Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) on the ground, bleeding from the mouth. 34 minutes earlier Picard and Tallinn (Orla Brady) are waiting in the security line for the gala looking absolutely gorgeous. He clearly keeps seeing Laris…

Picard Recap s2e5: “Fly Me to the Moon”

Renee Picard in her flight suit in the cabin of a spacecraft

It’s a Jonathan Frakes-directed episode! Only 41 minutes though, boo. The pre-credits scene bounces back and forth between an astronaut in distress, and Picard (Patrick Stewart) getting to know not-Laris (Orla Brady), AKA The Supervisor AKA Tallinn. While the astronaut…