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I’m Still Alive

B'Elanna Torres in "Extreme Risk"

B’Elanna Torres snuck up on me. When Voyager began I instantly admired Captain Janeway, related to Kes, and crushed on Tom Paris, and when Seven of Nine was introduced she rapidly became my favorite character in all of Star Trek.…

Introducing the Women at Warp Blog

Jaylah shining a light for Scotty

A little over two years ago, the four of us got together and began a bi-weekly mission to podcast about Star Trek from a feminist perspective. We had no idea how it would grow in such a short period of…

Women at Warp Blog: Call for Writers

Janeway using a computer

  We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be launching a Women at Warp blog starting in January, 2017, and we’re looking for writers. Our goal is to publish one original post per week, featuring a range of voices talking about…