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Crusher’s Critical Perspective

Crusher listening to Picard in "The Perfect Mate"

For rules to stay relevant – even pillars such as the Prime Directive – they must regularly be challenged and re-evaluated. Many of us love Star Trek for the moral ambiguity, the conundrums with no clearly right answer, and the…

Our “Workforce” Problem

Janeway in "Workforce"

  I wonder sometimes if we’re anywhere close to warp drive or First Contact. Or even to going to Mars, for that matter. It seems like there’s so much more we could be doing to explore space. While watching Voyager’s…

Will Riker: Unlikely Feminist

When referring to feminism in media, we often focus on how women are represented in film, television and other forms of pop culture. This is certainly important – Star Trek has many excellent women characters that display various feminist traits…