Author: Grace

Eternal problem child Grace Moore is a writer and comic based out of Seattle. She is a founding member and co-host of the Women at Warp podcast (they have a blog now too. You should check it out). Previously she’s been a contributing writer to the Mythcreants blog, co-host of All Things Trek on Trek Radio, and once won a contest for drawing a good butt. She studied fine arts and literature at the Evergreen State College. Clearly.

Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #4

Cover of Star Trek: Waypoint 4

This month brought comic and star trek fans alike issue number 4 of IDWs “Star Trek:Waypoint” an anthology series of stand-alone stories to highlight different facets of the 50-year franchise. The first half of the issue begins with “The Fragile…

Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #3

Star Trek: Waypoint is an anthology series from IDW, made up of one-shot stories from across the series and movies, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. While IDW is no stranger to playing in the media properties sandbox, it’s…