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Episode 104: “Retrospect”

Seven in a flashback in "Retrospect"

Tackling one of our most-requested topics, our crew discusses the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Retrospect,” in which Seven of Nine believes she was “violated” by an alien arms dealer. We cover the 1990s cultural context of the episode as well…

Watching Star Trek with my Dogs

In my life, and especially during these times of darkness, the joy of Star Trek brings me is only surpassed by the joy of having dogs around. I have always loved them and I remember all the dogs I’ve met in my…

Episode 94: “Elogium”

The crew discusses the fourth season Voyager episode “Elogium.” We talk about Kes’s relationship with Neelix, teen pregnancy, reproductive rights, and more… Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Andi, Grace and Jarrah Editor:  Andi