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Episode 63: Cupid be a Fickle Archer

Archer embraces Erika Hernandez in "Home"

Continuing our “O Captain, My Captain” series, we turn to Enterprise for an analysis of Captain Archer’s love interests. With special guest Heather Barker. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Jarrah, Grace and Sue Guest: Heather Barker from the Shore Leave podcast…

The Logical Loyalty of T’Pol

T'Pol in blue uniform standing alone

If there is one series in the entire Star Trek franchise that gets whispered in hushed tones, it’s Enterprise. And if there’s one character that gets pinned with the show’s “failings” more than any other, it’s T’Pol. Yes, we can…

Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #4

Cover of Star Trek: Waypoint 4

This month brought comic and star trek fans alike issue number 4 of IDWs “Star Trek:Waypoint” an anthology series of stand-alone stories to highlight different facets of the 50-year franchise. The first half of the issue begins with “The Fragile…