Author: Anika Dane

Anika aka Pixie is a Social Justice Klingon Warrior Princess who recaps Voyager and talks fashion on tumblr, and a variety of feminist blogs. Find her on Twitter @manicpixiedane.

15 Star Trek Women I Want to See More Of

[2016] is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: the original series first beamed into our world on September 8, 1966. The franchise is stronger than ever with the thirteenth film in theaters now and a seventh television series coming in…

I’m Still Alive

B'Elanna Torres in "Extreme Risk"

B’Elanna Torres snuck up on me. When Voyager began I instantly admired Captain Janeway, related to Kes, and crushed on Tom Paris, and when Seven of Nine was introduced she rapidly became my favorite character in all of Star Trek.…