Episode 83: Book Club: IDW’s Starfleet Academy

  We chat about the 2015 IDW comic book miniseries Starfleet Academy, which targeted young adult readers with a story about a diverse team of Starfleet cadets, juxtaposed with a plotline about one of Kelvin Timeline Uhura’s Academy adventures. Download…

Episode 75: Book Club: Rogue Saucer

Our crew discusses the TNG novel Rogue Saucer by John Vornholt, including how vital good code names are, the ethics of kneecapping, and the importance of hot beverages after trauma. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Andi, Sue, Jarrah Editor:  Andi

Interview: Star Trek Cats’ Jenny Parks

Cover of Star Trek Cats

If you’re a regular listener you’ll know all the Women at Warp hosts are big fans of cats. So we were really excited  to get the chance to interview artist Jenny Parks, creator of the new book Star Trek Cats…