Episode 97: Citizenship and Immigration in Star Trek

We’re joined by guests Shashank Avvaru and Michelle Zamanian to talk about citizenship, immigration and xenophobia in Star Trek. What does it mean to be a Federation citizen? How did Star Trek portray immigration and xenophobia and how does that relate to events in our world today?

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Hosts: Jarrah and Grace

Guests: Michelle Zamanian (@mezamanian) and Shashank Avvaru (@gutter_hero and host of PoliTreks and Weekly Trek on the Tricorder Transmissions Network)

Editor: Jarrah

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  1 comment for “Episode 97: Citizenship and Immigration in Star Trek

  1. rocketdave
    November 5, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    When Mike Stoklasa of RedLetterMedia did his review of Insurrection, he interestingly pointed out how Picard was ready to forcibly transplant a group of Native American settlers off their planet, yet when he found himself in similar circumstances with a group of aliens who look like white people, he suddenly was willing to defy Starfleet’s orders.

    Mission Log recently covered the DS9 episode “Sanctuary,” and as I said in my comments in response to that, I kind of hate how unsympathetic I feel towards the refugee characters in the episode. And I hate that someone might point to the episode in order to make a case against immigration, even though it doesn’t really work as metaphor for what’s going on today. It’s not like people in the real world fleeing from terrible circumstances can just go off and live on some uninhabited continent or island, unlike the Skreea, who had absolutely no reason for needing to settle on Bajor when they had a galaxy full of other options.

    I watched a clip from “The Drumhead” on YouTube and was disheartened to see comments from people who apparently missed the point claiming the episode was somehow intended to be a critique of “political correctness” or feminism, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are some of the same idiots mad about increased diversity in Star Trek.

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