Episode 102: Minor Characters, Major Impact

We share some of our (and your) favorite minor characters from across the Trek universe, the characters who shone in secondary roles and made us want to know more about them.

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Hosts: Grace, Jarrah, and Sue

Editor: Andi

  1 comment for “Episode 102: Minor Characters, Major Impact

  1. Mark Zutkoff
    January 5, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Fun episode! I was hoping there would be some mention of Ensign Miral Paris, daughter of Tom and B’Elanna, and played memorably if briefly by Lisa LoCicero in the final Voyager episode “Endgame”. (She’s apparently appeared in the video game Star Trek Online as well, according to IMDB.) Of course, she’s a character in a future that likely will never happen, but the baby of that name WAS born within the series.

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