Author: Sue

Sue is one of the hosts of Women at Warp. She has been watching Star Trek and shipping Picard/Crusher since 1987. Her favorite science-fiction subgenre is time travel.

Discovery Recap: Will You Take My Hand? (Episode 15)

Previously on Star Trek Discovery: Emperor Georgiou arrived on the USS Discovery and threatened to eat the Acting Captain, but Saru played it cool and hand her sent to some quarters.  Tyler began the long recovery process of rediscovering who…

76: Magneto was Right: Environmentalism in Trek

The crew discusses the themes of environmentalism and ecofeminism across the Star Trek Universe – from subspace rifts to nuclear fallout, from land rights to tardigrade rights, and from sperm whales to space whales. Download Now (right-click and save) …

Episode 75: Book Club: Rogue Saucer

Our crew discusses the TNG novel Rogue Saucer by John Vornholt, including how vital good code names are, the ethics of kneecapping, and the importance of hot beverages after trauma. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Andi, Sue, Jarrah Editor:  Andi