Author: Sue

Sue is one of the hosts of Women at Warp. She has been watching Star Trek and shipping Picard/Crusher since 1987. Her favorite science-fiction subgenre is time travel.

Live Long and May the Force be with You

It’s Star Wars Day! Trekkies and Star Wars fans really enjoy poking fun at one another, even though there’s an enormous amount of overlap to that particular Venn Diagram. For example, friend of the show (and co-host of Ceti Alpha…

Interview: Star Trek Cats’ Jenny Parks

Cover of Star Trek Cats

If you’re a regular listener you’ll know all the Women at Warp hosts are big fans of cats. So we were really excited  to get the chance to interview artist Jenny Parks, creator of the new book Star Trek Cats…

Book Review: The Face of the Unknown by Christopher L. Bennett

Face of the Unknown Book Cover

From the publisher: Investigating a series of violent raids by a mysterious predatory species, Captain James T. Kirk discovers that there is a startling connection with the First Federation, a friendly but secretive civilization contacted early in the USS Enterprise‘s five-year…