Author: Sue

Sue is one of the hosts of Women at Warp. She has been watching Star Trek and shipping Picard/Crusher since 1987. Her favorite science-fiction subgenre is time travel.

Episode 73: Disco Fever

Our crew discusses the first half of of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, and we’re joined by Davette See of Black Girl Nerds. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts: Andi, Sue Guest: Davette See Editor:  Andi

Your Thoughts on Discovery

Recently, we held a giveaway of two ST50 scarves. In order to enter the giveaway, we asked you to send us an email and tell us either your favorite part of Discovery or why you aren’t watching. And here are…

Bev’s Best Moments – Celebrating #BevCrusherDay

“I don’t understand Doctor Who. Never seen it. All I hear is people asking, ‘Who’s your Doctor?’ Well, you know who my doctor is? Beverly Crusher.“ -Me, World Con 2011 (before watching any Doctor Who) Beverly Cheryl Howard Crusher has been…

Sue’s Dragon Con Schedule 2017

The crew has been asked multiple times if we’ll be at Dragon Con this year.  Unfortunately, the whole crew can’t make it, but I will be there, and I’ll be pretty busy with 17 panels.  So, if you’ll be in…