Author: Sam Droke-Dickinson

Sam is the co-owner of Aaron's Books and Of Dice & Pen in central Pennsylvania. She's been a feminist nerd since her days of swooping a lightsaber across the playground wearing her Wonder Woman Underoos. She has written articles for Publisher's Weekly and has spoken on a variety of topics relating to children's literature at the New Atlantic Independent Bookstores' annual conference. She occasionally blogs about her mid-life rediscovery of her nerd and geek roots at Mid-Life Nerd Crisis. You can find her on Twitter @OldSchlNerdGrl and also find more about her game and geek shop on Facebook at Of Dice & Pen @ Aaron's Books.

Women Gain Ground in Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop games are hot right now. The hobby gaming market, which includes collectible games (like Magic and Pokemon), miniatures, board games, card and dice games, and roleplaying games, nearly doubled in sales from 2014 to 2016; growing from 800 million…